Australian Labradoodle Adoption Application

The following questions are designed to assure us, the breeder, that we are choosing the best furever homes for our Australian Labradoodle puppies and that we are making the best match possible of puppy to owner. We want to be sure that we place puppies in “FurEver” Homes! Thank you!

Please fill out ALL FIELDS on the form below and Springdale Labradoodles will reply to you promptly.




Please complete the following as your preference for the ideal Australian Labradoodle addition to your family. Our waiting list is developed in the order of receipt of applications and non-refundable Reservation Fee of $500, which is applied to the purchase price of the puppy.

What is your color preference Please number the colors starting with a 1 to be your favorite most loved color and 2 second favorite, etc. To exclude a color completely, please put a 0 or NO in that space. 

Are you interested in becoming a guardian home?



You will not be added to our waitlist until we receive your $500 Reservation Fee. This fee is non-refundable. If we do not have a puppy that is a perfect fit for your family, we will defer your Reservation Fee to our next litter.

I understand that each litter is unique and only God decides what we get. I also understand that the puppy selection will be done with the help of Springdale Labradoodles in the order in which my Reservation Fee was received. I understand that once I am asked to join/watch a litter starting at 1 week old, I will not know which puppy will be joining my family until puppies have been allocated/selected at 7 weeks old. Finally, I understand that breeding dogs will be selected FIRST from each litter, based on traits that will further the breed Springdale Labradoodles of Greensboro reserves the right to keep back any puppy for breeding.

Our 8 week old pet puppies are sent home on a strict spay/neuter contract. We require that this procedure be performed by their 8 month birthday with NO Exceptions. This is non-negotiable and is strictly enforced. Should Springdale Labradooles be forced to hire an attorney to enforce the spay/neuter contract, I (we) agree to pay for all court costs and contract violation fees as stated in the contract I (we) will sign when puppy is received. I agree to spay/neuter my puppy before its 8 month birthday.

I have answered all of the above questions truthfully and honestly. I acknowledge that Springdale Labradoodles of Greensboro has the right to refuse to sell to me at any time. I agree that no one in my family has ever been convicted or charged with animal cruelty or neglect. I authorize Springdale Labradoodles to conduct a full background and complete vet reference check. I agree the name, address and application information is 100% true and accurate. I understand that once my puppy application is approved, I will be asked to submit a $500 Reservation Fee for an 8 week pet puppy to hold my placement on the Reservation Waitlist. I further understand that the $500 Reservation Fee will be applied towards the total Adoption Fee of $3500 for an 8 week pet puppy and my Reservation Fee is non-refundable, but may be transferred to a different litter. (For 18 week Trained Puppies Only- A $1,000 Reservation Fee is required to secure a Fully Trained Puppy Reservation and will be applied towards the total Adoption Fee of $10,000 for an 18 week old Fully Trained Puppy. Reservation Fee is non-refundable.)